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We are a manufacturer of Interlocking Blocks based in Cardiff. We use recycled aggregates and virgin cement to create our Eco Rated Blocks. The blocks come in a number of shapes and sizes which makes their uses so versatile. There are an almost unlimited number of uses for our high quality interlocking blocks, here are just a few: 


Push walls


Our interlocking blocks are cast at a minimum of 600mm thick and are made with high strength concrete. They make extremely robust push walls which are able to withstand impacts. 


Aggregate bays


As interlocking concrete blocks do not require concrete foundations, just reasonably firm and level ground, they are ideal for creating bays for segregating materials such as aggregates. As they are free standing and don’t require any mortar or bolts they are very quick and easy to reconfigure or even relocate as your business needs change.


Site security


You can build a perimeter wall around your site out of interlocking blocks. They provide the ultimate in site security as they are almost impossible to break through. You get the added benefits of great screening and excellent acoustic properties as well.


Fire breaks


Good quality interlocking blocks are ideal for use as fire breaks when they form part of your fire risk mitigation strategy, you can save your business £1000’s in insurance premiums. With the high number of fires in the recycling sector recently, insurance premiums have risen considerably. Fires can be easily contained by designing and installing good quality fire breaks.

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