Customer Case Studies

19 Jun 2017

At our Cardiff site we undertook a major site renovation including installation of a new boundary wall.  The site was previously bordered by an earth mound.

The solution was to build a 1.8 meter high wall using Stronghold 1800mm blocks in a stretcher...

19 Jun 2017

In our concrete batching area at Cardiff we need to keep some aggregates dry and out of the weather in a large shed.  Inside the shed we built a push wall to stack the aggregates against, using Fortress 1600mm blocks in a stretcher bond formation...

19 Jun 2017

Our Fortress blocks have been used extensively at the Hanson Aggregates site on Cardiff docks. Two walls are used to retain large piles of sand where dredgers offload. These walls were constructed using our Fortress 1600x800x800mm blocks in a stretcher bond pattern. Du...

19 Jun 2017

A local building firm needed a fast and efficient way of restricting access to a grassed area. 

To accomplish this we laid a string of our Stronghold 1500mm blocks at 1.5 meter intervals to ensure that no vehicles can get though. As this was near a road we applied...

29 Oct 2015

 Park and Load based in Buntingford, Hertfordshire recycle waste carpets. The carpets are shredded to  produce a fibre that is then sold. The product fibre is combined with hay and used in stables to keep animals comfortable.


The storage bays were made using a combina...

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